Dear Thailand: A Love Story ... by Diane de Simone

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            Open the book Dear Thailand: A Love Story  and you'll enter a unique place: Thailand.  She's the only 98% Buddhist country on the globe.

Some say once you've visited her she becomes a state of mind.

                                                          Most say she's a country that immediately greets your heart if it's open. And if it's not open, her heart can support your heart in opening up to its gentle and spacious nature.

               In Dear Thailand: A Love Story, you'll read what can happen when West meets East, when death meets life. The unfolding story is a spiritual ride. 


 from Review of Dear Thailand, Online Books:  
"...What is most striking about Dear Thailand is the writing itself. Read in a receptive state of mind, the passages seem almost to sing. Secondhand, but with little value lost along the way, you experience the culture, religion, and way of life in a small and tight-knit Thai village. It's refreshing and beautiful, and it left me wanting to jump on a plane and see it- experience it - for myself.
I would recommend this book to anyone in need of a spiritual vacation. This story of a visit, an escape, and ultimately a homecoming asks the reader only to listen as it tells of peace, stillness,and a light, kind heart. I give this book 4 stars out of 4."




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march 31, 2019

Now is the Time to Remember: We're Here to Create New Earth

 March, 2019  New Book!   NEW interactive book #2  – With music!  Scientists are now in agreement. We’re here to be extraordinary while walking through these extraordinary and challenging times, as we witness the cracking open of the mind and heart of humanity.This is short, fun. HEADPHONES are recommended.

We're being asked to EVOLVE, to shift, to embrace a far larger view of ourselves and our place in the universe. At our core, we are more powerful and peaceful than we know. We must go inward and Onward. To a higher consciousness. A new earth.

Who are you really?... We're not here to play victim... Experience these pages


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