Dear Thailand: A Love Story ... by Diane de Simone


 Open the book Dear Thailand: A Love Story  and you'll enter a unique place: Thailand.  She's the only 98% Buddhist country on the globe.

Some say once you've visited her she becomes a state of mind.

                                                          Most say she's a country that immediately greets your heart if it's open. And if it's not open, her heart can support your heart in opening up to its gentle and spacious nature.

               In Dear Thailand: A Love Story, you'll read about what can happen when West meets East, when death meets life. The unfolding story is a spiritual ride. 


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 from Online Books Official Review of Dear Thailand:  
"...What is most striking about Dear Thailand is the writing itself. Read in a receptive state of mind, the passages seem almost to sing. Secondhand, but with little value lost along the way, you experience the culture, religion, and way of life in a small and tight-knit Thai village. It's refreshing and beautiful, and it left me wanting to jump on a plane and see it- experience it - for myself.
I would recommend this book to anyone in need of a spiritual vacation. This story of a visit, an escape, and ultimately a homecoming asks the reader only to listen as it tells of peace, stillness,and a light, kind heart. I give this book 4 stars out of 4."





february 22, 2018


         This book emerges into the market after Diane de Simone spent 3 years of both research and writing. Inspired by true stories, she waded into a field she knew little about and has come out the other side transformed, knowing we have friends in the universe, knowing we are not alone and have been visited for centuries. These friends, from far older civilizations than ours, are far more advanced than we are, and wish we would take care of our planet, and also stop our addiction to war and conflict. As far as they are concerned: currently, we are the aliens of the universe.

INDIE READER Book REVIEW  4.7 out of 5
Verdict: Inventive and well-written, RECONCILIATION: HEAVEN AND EARTH is a fascinating story about theoretical physics, ET phenomena, and New Age beliefs relative to both of the aforementioned. 

Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite   5 out of 5 ....  An intelligently plotted and masterfully executed novel with great potential to delight readers, not only those who have a particular interest in quantum physics, but anyone looking for a well-written and engaging story. Diane de Simone’s Reconciliation: Heaven and Earth has a strong setting, a fast pace, and twists that will surprise readers. Diane de Simone weaves suspense into her tale in a way only a mistress of the genre could.                                                                                                   

Reconciliation ~ Heaven and Earth ~ offers a compelling tale of a woman who is forced to confront her outmoded beliefs by witnessing the existence of an advanced, extraterrestrial intelligence. In this well-researched, highly engaging, as well as sweet story, you’ll read how she meets up with people who intimate that we’re similar to ET’s – that in truth we too are multidimensional beings as the new science of consciousness is finding out. Are ETs coming to Earth to help us uncover our true nature?




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