by Diane de Simone


 Open the book Dear Thailand: A Love Story  and you'll enter a unique place: Thailand.

She's the only 98% Buddhist country on the globe.

Some say once you've visited her she becomes a state of mind.

                                                          Most say she's a country that immediately greets your heart if it's open. And if it's not open, her heart can support your heart in opening up to its gentle and spacious nature.

               In Dear Thailand: A Love Story, you'll read about what can happen when West meets East, when death meets life. The unfolding story is a ride. 


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 from an Official Review of Dear Thailand:  
What is most striking about Dear Thailand is the writing itself. Read in a receptive state of mind, the passages seem almost to sing. Secondhand, but with little value lost along the way, you experience the culture, religion, and way of life in a small and tight-knit Thai village. It's refreshing and beautiful, and it left me wanting to jump on a plane and see it- experience it - for myself.
I would recommend this book to anyone in need of a spiritual vacation. This story of a visit, an escape, and ultimately a homecoming asks the reader only to listen as it tells of peace, stillness,and a light, kind heart. I give this book 4 stars out of 4.




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january 30, 2018



In the newly published Reconciliation`~Heaven and Earth~ read as Martha sheds thin layers that were lying over her heart, layers that kept it from expanding, that kept her from its knowledge. Read as she becomes someone who begins to know gratitude for everything/everyone/ who/that/ has touched her life; as she finds she is life she finds she is -- love -- and as she becomes love-in-action.

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january 14, 2018


New Book! Reconciliation as ebook and paperback published.

 Being called "playful"  & "starts off slow but ends up page-turning".... 

And so.... Who are you? What underlying beliefs create the nature of the reality you inhabit? In Reconciliation those questions are asked.
Martha Mathewson, a professor of psychology, was sure she knew who she was and what she believed in. For years she belittled her soon to be ex-husband, a revered astrophysicist, over his passion for the quantum universe, and little green men and the star civilizations they come from. But when Don Mathewson suddenly dies, when she finds out he was murdered, his files have been targeted, and she's in danger, life as she's known it becomes upended.
As Martha is inexorably drawn into Don's world, a world which includes shadowy covert operatives who break into her house, she's moved to Tucson, Arizona, met an alto saxophonist/ rock hound, her daughter has joined her, and a small metal ball discovered in Don’s old oak desk (a ball which emits a bluish halo in the dark, dances to jazz, and communicates telepathically) is talking to her, saying it needs her help.
When she’s asked the metal orb ‘who are you?’ It says: ‘We are you.’  When she’s asked, ‘where do you come from?’  It answers: ‘Your future.’ When she’s asked, ‘what did you come for?’  It explains: 'To help you.’
In this new confusing life, Martha is being forced to abandon old beliefs about the nature of reality while also trying to stay alive.  And as you leave this story you might find yourself asking: do I really know who I am? And you might wonder whether now is a perfect time to begin to find out...


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january 7, 2018

Some months after Dear Thailand: A Love Story was published, I began to research material for a novel., some years later, in early 2018, it will emerge. I'll announce it here... It's title: Reconciliation ~ Heaven and Earth~.

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